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Bigg Boss 2 Tamil – 10th July 2018, Episode 24 Update: On day 23, Yashika is jailed

Bigg Boss 2 Tamil Day 23 - Episode 24

Day 23 dawns as Bigg Boss plays the Tamil song heartu kula and all the housemates wake up. In the bedroom, Mahat is busy searching one of his T-shirts. Vaishnavi and Yashika have hidden it from Mahat. Mahat seems to be vexed over it.

All the housemates assemble in the living hall. Janani reads out a paper sent in by Bigg Boss. Certain housemates should separate into 2 teams to play police and thieves. The thieves can rob anything in the house and put in a box kept in the garden area by Bigg Boss. If any of the police catches any of the thieves red-handed, that particular thief is to be jailed.

Mahat says that if any of them robs his things, he will slap them with a slipper. Hearing that Yashika loses her mind and starts staring at Mahat. Mahat gets angered by Yashika staring at him and leaves the living hall and goes to the bedroom. Some of the housemates console him and bring him back to the living hall.

Daniel, Yashika and Aishwarya team up to play thieves and they put on prisoner costumes. Mumtaz, Senrayan and Mahat team up to play police and they put on police costumes.

Yashika goes and discusses the issue with Mahat. Yashika says that Bhalajie told her that the phrase Mahat used is equivalent to an unparliamentary word. Mahat gets angry on Bhalajie. Yashika cools him down by asking him to forget it.

Daniel and Aishwarya rob some clothing and cosmetics and put it inside the box, without the knowledge of anyone. Riythvika complains to cop Senrayan that some of her cosmetics have been robbed.

Being scared of the robbers, Mahat hides some of his things under his bed. In the bedroom, Mahat catches Yashika red-handed. Yashika is jailed. Lights go off in the house as it is bedtime. Episode 24 ends.

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Author: Rajarajan Velmurugan

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