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Bigg Boss 2 Tamil – 9th August 2018, Episode 54 Update: On day 53, Bhalajie and Senrayan play with bananas

Bigg Boss 2 Tamil Day 53 - Episode 54

Day 52 dawns as Bigg Boss plays Tamil song maambalama maambalam and all the housemates wake up. They assemble in the living hall. Riythvika announces Janani and Aishwarya as the best performers of the ennai pol oruvan task; Daniel and Ponnambalam as the worst performers.

Bigg Boss announces Janani and Aishwarya as the contestants for the captaincy task; as a punishment, Ponnambalam and Daniel should cook food for the whole day.

Bhalajie, Mumtaz and Vaishnavi are conversing in the bedroom. Mumtaz tells them that Mahat acted so cheaply as Mumtaz the other day by removing his pants and that he also has damaged her image by doing so.

In the kitchen, Bhalajie squashes bananas and throws it on Senrayan. Bhalajie runs of to the restroom ad locks himself. Senrayan chases him, waits for him to come out of the the restroom and and then throws squashed bananas on him.

All the housemates assemble in the living hall. A picture of late Karunanidhi is kept there. Daniel reads out a brief history of Karunanidhi. Then all the housemates pay respect to Karunanidhi by lighting candles. Episode 54 ends.

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Author: Rajarajan Velmurugan


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