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Bigg Boss 2 Tamil – 8th September 2018, Episode 84 Update: On day 83, Kamal shows Aishwarya a red card

Bigg Boss 2 Tamil Day 83 - Episode 84

Kamal Haasan is on the stage too host the show. A recap video of previous week’s events is played. Day 80 dawns as Bigg Boss plays the Tamil song mattikichu and housemates wake up. They assemble in living hall.

Riythvika announces a task given by Bigg Boss. Riythvika is the judge. Housemates divide into 2 teams. Each team is given a smartphone. Each team clicks pictures to form a story out of it.

Ultimately, Riythvika announces Vijaya’s team as the winner. Riythvika chooses Vijaya as the best participant. Vijaya is gifted a brand new smartphone, which she can use once she goes out of the show.

Kamal starts interacting with housemates. Kamal tells Mumtaz that she is not participating in some tasks properly. Mumtaz says that she refused to colour her hair green as she was suffering from hair loss. Kamal says that not actively participating in tasks is not good for a contestant.

Kamal enquires all housemates about Aishwarya’s set of lies that she told for convincing Senrayan to colour his hair red. Aishwarya says that was mainly because of language barrier. Kamal plays a short clipping. A Bigg Boss representative instructing Aishwarya through the phone can be witnessed.

Aishwarya says that it was her strategy. Kamal asks her if lying is her strategy. Senrayan says that if he were the first one to ask Aishwarya to cut her hair, she would not have done it. Kamal, housemates and viewers appreciate Senrayan’s statement.

Kamal says he dislikes Aishwarya’s lying and shows her a red card. Then he announces that Aishwarya is safe zoned. Aishwarya gets up and thanks Kamal. He tells her not to thank him as he showed her a red card.

Kamal shows Aishwarya’s voting statistics to viewers. He says that this week’s entire vote count of all nominees is very low when compared to Oviya’s, previous season’s contestant. He then urges viewers to vote for their favourite contestants. Episode 84 ends.

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Author: Rajarajan Velmurugan


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