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Bigg Boss 2 Tamil – 12th September 2018, Episode 88 Update: On day 87, Snehan and Vijayalakshmi hurt themselves badly

Bigg Boss 2 Tamil Day 87 - Episode 88

Day 86 dawns as Bigg Boss plays the Tamil song kandaangi and housemates wake up. Some housemates dance to the romantic song with flowers in their hands. In kitchen, Aishwarya calls Snehan her brother. Out of happiness, Snehan and Aishwarya dance a duet.

Housemates assemble in living hall. Bigg Boss announces a task. In garden area, 2 boards are kept. Housemates separate into 2 teams. One member every time form each team must stick a balloon onto opposite team’s board, while their team members blow balloons and opposite team members stop them.

While playing, Snehan and Vijaya hurt themselves badly. Snehan has scratches on his chest and back. Vijaya hurts her neck.

Housemates assemble in living hall. Bigg Boss plays videos of the crucial events from both the seasons. Contestants of both the seasons interpret the videos. Episode 88 ends.

Author: Rajarajan Velmurugan


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