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Bigg Boss Malayalam – 9 August 2018, Episode 47 Update: On day 46, Shiyas Vs Pearle

Bigg Boss Malayalam Episode 47 Day 46

With the morning song played on the speakers, the house wakes up. Suresh is giving music lectures to the rest of the housemates. The housemates being humble as students are repeating the Sargam after him. The house is echoed with the seven swaras. The music lessons are carried to the kitchen where the breakfast is been made. Suresh is preparing his new folk song on the dining table.

It is time for the daily task. The contestants have to uncover a sheet of paper from the board and talk for a minutes on the chosen topic. They have to express their thoughts about the topic. Everybody tries to collect the correct syllables related to their topic and begin speaking. Shiyas gets ‘love’ as the topic. He talks about his childhood love and the experience followed by it. Srinish gets emotional while talking about his mom. Suresh’s thoughts about ‘change’ takes everybody into deep thinking. Shiyas actions during Pearle’s performance distracts her.
After the task, Pearle complains to Shiyas about his annoying behaviour. Shiyas gets hurt with Pearle’s insinuations. He tells her that he won’t change his habit even if it is annoying for her. Pearle tries to make him understand. The matter heats up and Suresh comes to the rescue of his pet daughter Pearle. The inmates tries to calm them down. Everyone feels that Pearle is overacting just because she is in the elimination round. Later, Pearle herself confesses to Suresh and Srinish that she had tortured Shiyas.

Later in the episode, the contestants who never got a chance for the captaincy position are asked to stand up. Bigg Boss asks Archana to nominate a captain among them. She nominates Anoop. Bigg Boss asks the rest of the contestants to choose two of them among Shiyas, Suresh and Aditi. According to the selection process, Anoop, Shiyas and Aditi gets nominated for the captaincy task.

Though there were serious discussions going on in the house about Pearle’s over caring nature towards Suresh, she continues her duty towards him.

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Author: Poocottel Anjana


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