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Bigg Boss Malayalam – 8th July 2018, Episode 15 Update: On day 14, Will Shweta forgive Anoop?

Bigg Boss Malayalam Episode 15 Day 14

Bigg Boss house which is filled with surprises is on the elimination edge today. And it has buzzed over for among three people who could get evicted this time. Pearle Maaney the harmless cat, Aristo Suresh the entertainer and Anoop Chandran with loads of allegation are the three contestants nominated for the elimination. While Aditi, Dia and Basheer are in the safe zone, Anoop who is one of the contenders of the show is likely to be eliminated in today’s episode.

Shweta and Anoop who are good friends in real life turned out to be the worst enemies in the Bigg Boss house. It all started from the episode in which Bigg Boss had assigned the captaincy task to Shweta, Srinish and Anoop. All the inmates of the house started provoking Anoop in order to make him quit. Shweta and Srinish had also teamed upon him. Though he did manage to backfire all the provoking statements, the enmity towards Shweta had begun in his mind.

Later in the episode, we saw how rudely Anoop Chandran used harsh words that ended hurting Shweta. He did quit the task saying a person like him shouldn’t have used such words. But till the day, the fire between the duo is left to blow out.

In today’s episode, Bigg Boss called Shweta in the confession room and asked her if she would be able to forgive Anoop. If it is possible, only then he would stand a chance to stay in the house. Hearing this, Shweta burst into tears and said that she felt very heavy at heart hearing such words by her dearest friend but she will definitely forgive him.

It is said that, “Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.” So, did she really forgive him as a friend? Or did she forgive to annoy him?

Do the people in the Bigg Boss house really care for each other? Or is it just a place to play mind games and earn name and fame? What do you think about this?

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Author: Poocottel Anjana


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