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Bigg Boss Malayalam-9th July 2018, Episode 16 Update: On day 15, Is Ranjini Haridas the new target!

Bigg Boss Malayalam Episode 16 Day 15

Ranjini Haridas is one of the most popular contestant in the Bigg Boss house. She is also one of the strongest contestant who is looked upon as a toughest competitor. No wonder, her captaincy period was a difficult time for some of the housemates.

In today’s episode, all the contestants were called to the confession room one by one. Then, they were asked to vote for any two contestants as their nominees and give an explanation about voting them. Surprisingly, Ranjini had seven votes against her. Anoop and Sabu have already had an open faceoff with her; but Dia, Hima and Deepan who were friends with Rajini also stood up against her this time. Though the reasons differed, it was clear that they were targeting Ranjini. Anoop’s words often had a tone that, Ranjini is a wild cat who could create hurricane in the house. The other three nominees were Anoop, Sabu and Hima.

Later in the episode, Bigg Boss told Srinish that as a captain he can use his special powers to save one of the nominees but he would have to repay it by voting a safe contestant as a nominee. It was obvious for him to save Ranjini as she was the one nominating him as a captain. But out of nowhere, Srilakshmi who had only two votes against her, got into the risk zone.

The forthcoming weekend episode of the Television reality show, will make a great twist in the house. Anoop and Hima are having the greatest chance of leaving the house while Srilaskhmi and Sabu are the fresher nominees.

Who do you think would be the next contestant to wave goodbye to the house? Do you feel the newest entry, Shiyas Kareem would be able to survive with his confidence?

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Author: Poocottel Anjana

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