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Bigg Boss Malayalam -10th July 2018, Episode 17 Update: On day 16, Beware! Criminal Ranjini is on the prowl

Bigg Boss Malayalam Episode 17 Day 16

Mr Bigg always has a task up his sleeve, but something like murder was extremely unexpected. Remember those goose bumps you had while watching those crime thriller movies? Well, the Bigg Boss contestants yesterday faced a similar situation when the house turned into a crime scene. Creepy, isn’t it?

The inmates were assigned different roles. Though Bigg Boss kept a few of them as mystery, we all knew our killer. Yes, it was none other Ranjini Haridas herself. The other contestants were civilians, their only job was to not get killed. But, they weren’t smart as they thought they were, because it was very easy for her to get them killed.

The killer was given a mobile phone, each time the phone rang it revealed the name of the person and the method through which they should be killed. Her first task was to make Diya Sana kiss Shiyas’s hands. The handsome hunk was already friends with Diya, so it wasn’t a big deal to make her kiss his hands. While to kill Suresh, Ranjini only had to make him eat a boiled egg, which to be honest was pretty much easy too.

As Ranjini goes around the house smoothly killing one by one, everyone starts suspecting Pearle and Srinish to be the killer.  Will the contestants identify the killer in time or will she take them all to the grave?

Missed yesterday’s episode? You can read what happened here: Bigg Boss Malayalam, Episode 16 – Day 15

Author: Poocottel Anjana

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