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Bigg Boss Malayalam – 4 September 2018, Episode 73 Update: On day 72, The Ice tub Challenge!

Bigg Boss Malayalam Episode 73 Day 72

Day 72 dawns to the Malayalam song Panchayatile. It is 8:30 in the morning. All the inmates are having a fun discussion in the kitchen area. Pearle and Sabu asks Bigg Boss for the help of a Marmani for their broken hand and back respectively.

Later, it was time for the luxury budget task. The task would be conducted in various rounds. Each contestant would be given 200 luxury points prior to the task. Two contestants would participate in each round. The rest of the contestants should bet their money for the contestants who are participating in the task. In the first round they would have win at least two tasks out of three to win the round.

Basheer and Archana are the contestants to participate in the first round. They get prepared for the task by eating an egg. The name of the first task is Munanmora. The contestants have to stay in an ice tub till the buzzer rings. Basheer and Archana completes the task successfully. The second task is Chelilemanikyam. In this task they have to find 50 coins from the mud pool. But they manage to find only 32 coins. The name of the third task is karakumkanak. Both the contestants would be put on a Meri-go-round ride. There would be numbers flashing in front of them. They have to total the numbers seen on the screen. Archana reads out the numbers while Basheer calculates. But they fail this task too.

Soon it was time for the second round. Bigg Boss asks the contestants to choose one task from the previous round. Srinish and the contestants choose the ice tub challenge. Shiyas and Aditi are the two contestants participating in the second round. They manage to complete the first task easily. For the second task they are asked to come in the confession room. Bigg Boss asks them 15 questions. But they end up giving wrong answers to two questions. Hence, they loose the task. For the third task they have to clean up 100 coconut shells. Srinish would inspect if all of them are perfectly clean. The duo manages to complete the task. Thus they win the second round.

Later in the episode, Hima cries over yesterdays dispute. Sabu tries to resolve the same. Suresh and inmates sings his folk songs. In order to ease out their minds from the hardships of the luxury budget task, Bigg Boss gives them a daily task. In the task, the contestants have to pickup a chit from the blow and say a sentence about the word. The next contestant would continue the story line. Thus all the contestants end up narrating funny stories and have a great fun time. The episode winds up with the love birds having some romantic conversations and waving each other goodnight.

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Author: Poocottel Anjana


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