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Bigg Boss Malayalam – 6 September 2018, Episode 75 Update: On day 74, Finally Aditi becomes the captain

Bigg Boss Malayalam Episode 75 Day 74

Day 74 dawns to the Malayalam song pandi melum pattum. Suresh decides to quite smoking and he starts writing lyrics for his new song. Hima makes everyone laugh to their stomach in her laughing club.

Bigg Boss announces that it was time for their captaincy task. The contestants have to choose the players of the luxury budget task. They nominates Shiyas and Aditi. Srinish nominates Suresh. Suresh hesitates a little but later agrees. Bigg Boss asks the contestants to nominate one more contestant. Hima becomes the final nominee. The four of them would be tied together. The task it to collect maximum number of balls in the baskets provided respectively. The task begins with the buzzer sound. Shiyas and Suresh pulls each other while Hima and Aditi collect the balls in harmony. After the task Srinish makes a final count of the balls collected. Aditi wins the task having the maximum number of balls collected.

All the inmates are discussing about the wildness of the captaincy task. Aditi has no bounds to her happiness hugs and kisses her friends. While Shiyas looses his temper in his failure. Pearle applies medicines to his injuries. The discussions longs and everyone makes fun of Shiyas. Later, Bigg Boss calls Sabu to the confession room. Mr. Bigg gives him a task to find the missing man. The missing man was none other than Suresh. Sabu finds Suresh from the smoking room and carries him to the front of the camera.

Later in the episode, the contestants gather in the activity for a task. It is the Maxo sponsored task. The contestants have to play the bowling pin game. There would one disease labelled on each bottle. With each bottle falling down the player have to apply red paint on the name of the disease written on the board. The contestants divide into two teams. Archana’s team wins the game. As it was a sponsored task the winning team receive huge gift hampers from Maxo. All the inmates share their gift with each other non willingly.

Since there is no source of entertainment in the house, the contestants decide to create their own entertainment night by doing activities. Pearle sings the Tamil song Ninsarakanna to which Hima and Srinish performs a classical and dramatic dance. Everyone enjoys the dance and the song. The episode winds with another cheesy performance by Hima and later Sabu enacting her.

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Author: Poocottel Anjana


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