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Bigg Boss Malayalam – 11 September 2018, Episode 81 Update: On day 80, Bow down to King Suresh

Bigg Boss Malayalam Episode 81 Day 80

Day 79 dawns to Pearle and Srinish dancing to the morning song. Bigg Boss declares Suresh as the new King. The inmates bow down before King Suresh. Suresh dresses up as King.

Bigg Boss asks Suresh to release his ten commands. Suresh declares the ten rules to his kingdom. He also gives Sabu the power to rule the kingdom on his behalf. Sabu punishes Shiyas for his treatment towards the subjects during his rule. But Suresh releases Shiyas from the jail. But Shiyas misbehaves with Sabu again. Sabu punishes him for the second time too. Basheer and Pearle are also put in the jail as a punishment. But they are too released soon.

Later, as per Suresh’s command everyone dresses up in the traditional attire of Kerala. Suresh sings and everyone dances on his song. Basheer gets a chance to become the King but unfortunately the task ends. By evening everything cools down and the inmates sit together for chit chatting. They cut vegetables for tomorrow’s food preparation and have a good time. Sabu shares his sarcastic comments as always and everyone laughs.

-Poocottel Anjana


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