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Bigg Boss Malayalam – 13 September 2018, Episode 82 Update: On day 81, The Hide and Seek game

Bigg Boss Malayalam Episode 82 Day 81

Sabu is teaching all the inmates some tricks of the hip hop dance. Pearle and Aditi teases Shiyas across the room. Pearle, Aditi and Archana screams and cries for fun.

Later, Basheer reads out the rules for the daily task. The task is to play Hide and Seek. The inmates have to form two teams. The team that seeks all the members of the other team would win the task. The task ends in tie between the two teams. Bigg Boss asks the contestants to make it tougher by having only one contestant to seek from the boxes. Sabu, Suresh and Srinish wins the task. But, Sabu gets punished by Bigg Boss for being a cheater. Later, Bigg Boss releases Sabu from the box.

Later in the episode, Bigg Boss asks the contestants to get ready for the next week’s captaincy task. He gives them gloves and jerseys and makes them ready for a boxing championship. Then he announces a good news for the contestant. The good news is that they would receive all the 1500 points for the captaincy task. He adds to their happiness by saying that all the inmates would get a chance to become the captain for the last week in the house. Everyday a new captain with new rules, just imagine!

Suresh decides to pay back Lalettan’s loan. The inmates discusses upon the same. Pearle, Srinish and Shiyas are having a great time imagining they were out. Soon it was time for the sponsored task by EXO. Suresh reads out the rules for the task. The contestants have to from two teams. One member from each team would have to wear the EXO mascot and pick up red balls from a bubbling wash basin. The team which is able to collect the maximum number of red balls wins the task. Srinish and Shiyas wears the mascot and enters the tub. The rest of the contestants help them by pointing out the balls. Srinish’s team wins the task.

It is eleven thirty in the night. Pearle and Srinish are having their usual night time conversation. The episode winds up after Srinish takes her to the bed and wishes her good night.

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Author: Poocottel Anjana


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