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5 Bollywood actors who’ve played villain in Tamil movies in 2019

5 Bollywood actors who’ve played villain in Tamil movies in 2019

The role of an actor is pretty tricky. It’s one thing to play the role of a good guy and win everyone’s heart with your performance, it’s another to play the role of a villain are become subject to hate. Bollywood actors face this when they work in films that aren’t in Hindi. This year, saw a few actors play villains in Tamil films.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui

For fans of Rajinikanth, 2019 started with a bang. Rajinikanth starrer Petta won praises from the audiences and went on to become successful at the box office too. When you are a superstar, you need a villain that’s equally menacing as your costar. And the actor to do so was, Nawazuddin Siddiqui. With his unusually wicked schemes, he proved to give a convincing performance.

Boman Irani and Chirag Jain

Suriya starred in this Mission-Impossible-style film as a SPG Officer who is on duty to protect the PM. And when you are put on a high-alert job, it’s needless to say that there would be a villain who would process threat to him. And in this movie it wasn’t one, but two villains. The film saw veteran actor Boman Irani, play the role of the main antagonist, while model-turned-actor Chirag Jain played the second villain. It’s needless to say that the film had everyone cheering for Suriya to defeat the two.

Neil Nithin Mukesh

Released in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi, this Prabhas starrer featured Niel Nithin Mukesh and Chunky Pandey playing the role of antagonists. They looked ultra-edgy and put mind-numbing challenges for Prabhas to solve.

Jackie Shroff

Vijay won whistles and applause playing the role of a football coach for an all-women’s team. He also won cheers when he took on the villain in the unpredictable was possible. He did this twice, as he starred in dual roles in the film.

Abhay Deol

When Sivakarthikeyan stars as a superhero, you need a super villain who’s putting out the meanest challenges. The actor who played this role was Abhay Deol. Looking Uber-stylish, the actor’s performance seemed like a cake walk for him, and he went on to win attention of Tamil audience as well.

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