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All you need to know about Sabumon

Sabumon Bigg Boss

Putting an end to all the guesses, Sabumon Abdusamad became the winner of the most popular Malayalam TV show Bigg Boss season 1. Sabumon is an actor known for his performances in Karma Cartel, Godzone, Double Barrel, Punyalan Argarbattis. The intelligent tactics that he used to overcome the hurdles in the house made him different from all the contestants. Inside the house too it wasn’t difficult for him to live as a true Malayali and win the hearts of lakhs of people.
Sabumon hails from Kayamkulam, Alappuzha district of Kerala. Since his childhood, he had deep passion for acting and he participated in skit, mime, mono act and drama competitions in his school days. He completed his graduation from Universal College Thiruvanthapuram.

He started gaining fame through a TV reality show named Tharikida after which he was named Tharikida Sabu. Winning the Bigg Boss show he proved to the world that if one observes and learns his surrounding and act accordingly, the universe will definitely conspire.


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