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Controversies about these 5 actors in politics

Rajinikanth - Kamal Hassan - Pawan Kalyan

What YouTube is to cinema right now is what cinema has been to politics. Cinema is clearly seen as a stepping stone to the latter. Cinema is inseparable from the lives of Indians, that is probably why people aspiring to become political leaders do their campaigns in theatres. South Indians especially raise their stars to God-level. MGR, NTR followed by Jayalalitha have climbed the ladder of power with the support of cinema and their charisma. Now, there is a biopic which is being planned on Jayalalitha‘s life, while NTR‘s biopic released in January and February respectively. They have left a lasting influence and it’ll take long before people learn to separate cinema and politics. These actors-turned-politicians have always been in the headlines, so much so that they are surrounded by controversies. Here is a list of controversies about these 5 actors in politics

1. Kamal Hassan

Kamal Haasan is a popular brand even before the arrival of social media. Facing Controversies probably would’ve become his favorite hobby by now. In politics, his far left ideologies and speeches have made headlines numerous times. Starting from his comments on “Hindu terrorism” to his talks on holding “plebiscite in Kashmir” following the unfortunate Pulwama terror attacks, he has been a pretty polarizing personality in politics. He has called “Pakistan occupied Kashmir” as “azaad Kashmir” which is not very welcomed by his critics.

2. Rajinikanth

Will Rajinikanth enter politics? This has been a million dollar question for decades, ever since the title “superstar” started rolling in beginning credits in his films. Rajinikanth’s silence and ambiguousness has been the bigger controversy in comparison to his ideologies and actions. Everyone wants to know his strategy because it is not by chance one rules box-office even at the age of 69. He is also not a favorite of a lot of politicians. Politician Seeman has been ‘campaigning’ about how Rajinikanth is not eligible for contesting in election owing to his non-Tamil ancestry. Although he isn’t vocal about his opinions, his fans are quite interested to see him contest in elections.#RajiniMakkalMandram is creating trends in twitter

3. Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan is popularly known as ‘Power Star’. His ideologies in politics are “centered” around left, he campaigned extensively for BJP and Telugu Desam Party in 2014 elections. He has such immense following in the Telugu speaking states for his philanthropic nature that has made him a youth icon. Had he continued in cinema, money would’ve rolled out in hundreds of crores but he quit from acting in December 2017 and entered politics full-time. 2019 general elections will see his party Jana Sena contest in Andhra Pradesh. Though he has marched with communist parties he isn’t a strong opposer of right-winged BJP this makes his political standing a constant topic of discussion.

4. Khushbu Sundar

Khushbu Sundar’s Twitter handle is “Khushbu Sundar..(BJPwaloon ab thoda araam karlo)” well..controversy is literally her middle name. Her political ideology can be described as “I hate BJP” to which many people are subscribing to in the past years of BJP governance. She has been pretty vocal about her criticisms of the ruling party. She is a staunch Congress supporter and calls herself a “proud congressi”. Her feminist and strong left ideologies make up for some heated arguments and statements in social media. She never shies away from voicing her views.

5. Suresh Gopi

Suresh Gopi is a prominent face in Mollywood, he has acted in more than 200 Malayalam films. His belongs to the political party BJP, and he is currently the member of the parliament in Rajya Sabha. He has been in controversy for his caste-based preference statements such as “Want to be reborn as Brahmin.” He also said that ”Those who wear ‘poonool’ are gods”. He has also been arrested for evading luxury vehicle tax but he denied the allegations in his anticipatory bail.



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