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Watch: Why Kaathalae Kaathalae from 96′ is the best song of the year

Vijay Sethupathi and Trisha - 96 the Movie

Has there been a time or a moment when a song had the power to transport your thoughts to a different level? A level where you anticipate a particular line or a scene from the song that eventually gives you goosebumps. If the answer to that is a no, then you clearly haven’t listened to this year’s best romantic song from 96‘, Kaathale Kaathale composed by Govind Vasantha.

The song has been sung by Chinyami, whose voice brings a rare mix of excitement and melancholy that leaves you asking for more. Chinmayi understands the heart-touching lyrics written by Karthik Netha, and this is reflected in the way she sings the song. Govind Vasantha’s (he also sings the Kaathale portion in the song) refreshing music is addictive and soul-stirring and undoubtedly revs your hearts.

What adds to the impact are the visuals. In the scene, Gowri and Adithya – the young Jaanu and Ram are meeting each other for the first time since school. The music perfectly matches Gowri’s moment of meeting Adithya. She expresses nervousness, fear and a mild sense of excitement where she longs to see her love. Adithya then calmly yet effectively establishes his presence – when the high note of the music begins they hug in a simple yet powerful scene! Then, we see the present day Jaanu, a moist-eyed Trisha, who carries a smile on her face which startles everyone around her – including her Ram who is Vijay Sethupathi.

Director Prem Kumar does a fabulous job of bringing all these striking elements on the screen.

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Raisa Nasreen

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