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Kamal Haasan did the Kiki challenge before it was cool

Kamal Haasan Kiki

If you have been active on social media, it’s highly unlikely that you would have missed news about the Kiki challenge. The trend is taking over the world. What exactly is the Kiki challenge? It involves a person to jump out of a moving car and dance to Drake’s song ‘Kiki My Feelings’.

The dance involves a signature step where the person makes a heart sign. The challenge has been taken by several celebrities around the world, including Will Smith. Indian film actors such as Regina Cassandra and Pranitha Subash have also tried this challenge.

But way before the world took notice of the challenge, there is one actor who is likely to have introduced everyone to it. It is none other than actor Kamal Haasan. The Vishwaroopam 2 actor has done the Kiki challenge in his film with late actress Sri Devi. Yes you read that right! He appeared to display his ‘Kiki’ skills, in his films Moondram Pirai and Sathi Leelavathi. He may not have displayed the heart symbol, but he expressed his feelings while performing the popular. Don’t believe us? Then watch the video right here!

@ikamalhaasan did the #KikiChallenge before it was cool.

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