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Tamil and Malayalam movies about India – Pakistan

India Pakistan - wagah border


When movies deal with sensitive topics like war, patriotism, terrorism, it’s important to stay grounded and not get preachy. Who other than the master craftsman Maniratnam can portray this with authenticity. His film Roja will always be a cult-classic that spoke on patriotism, humanity and peace with a beautiful story, deeply affecting screenplay and music. There are different layers to this movie and audience are taken through a ride of emotions. Terrorism, effects of war might just be news to the common citizens. This movie takes it personally and shows the audience how would it feel if their brother, husband or son gets affected by it. That’s where the movie becomes relatable and a classic. Kaatru Veliyidai is also set-up in the backdrop of Kargil war but it is focused more on the character arc of the protagonist and how the war and his loss changes his perspective

Wagah – The 2016 movie starring Vikram Prabhu revolves around an Indian soldier in the wagah border falling in love with a Muslim woman and him being captured by the Pakistani troops. This movie wasn’t received well both by the audience and the critics

Ninaithu Ninaithu Parthen – This 2007 release shows a Pakistani woman visiting India and falling in love with an Indian..will their cultural differences separate their love is the plotline. It stars Vikranth as the lead.


Mohanlal has his own series of movies as the Major Mahadevan. The movies in which this character appears are Kirthi Chakra(2006), Kurukshetra(2008), Kandahar(2010), Beyond Borders(2017). These movies are mostly based on true events of the war and tension between Indian-Pakistan. It covers Kargil conflict, hijack of Indian airlines and such real events. Based on his portrayal Mohanlal was given honorary position as Lieutenant Colonel in the Territorial army by Indian Ministry of Defence.

Picket 43 – The 2015 movie starring the very versatile Prithviraj Sukumaran was a drama on friendship developing between people from Indian and Pakistani nationalities and the consequences. It was received well by both critics and audience.


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