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Women’s day special: Powerful quotes from 5 popular South Indian heroines

Trisha - Anushka Shetty - Nayanthara - Samantha - Womens Day

Here’s wishing you a very happy women’s day! Well, if you are a man who is reading this, then take time to wish the woman in your life a happy women’s day. But do women really need just a day to feel loved and pampered? We think not. Women and those around them should treat this day to think about the positive impact she has in your life. Women are fierce wonderful, amazing and strong human beings. They excel at being better versions of themselves every day. Many a time, they face challenges and strive to overcome them. Some of the popular south Indian heroines too overcome situations to be who they are today. Here are 10 powerful quotes from popular south Indian heroines.

Trisha’s take of marriage

Trisha - WomensDay

Just like a regular woman, Trisha hates being quizzed about when she will get married. She also hates it when people ask her this in unpleasant ways. She said ”I hate the way people ask me when I want to get married. But if I have to get married, I don’t want to simply marry and get a divorce. I know several people who are in a marriage for all the wrong reasons. They are unhappy. They stay in a marriage for kids or other reasons. If marriage happens I am okay with that, and if it doesn’t happen I am truly okay with that also”

Samantha’s view on what makes a family

Samantha - WomensDay

Samantha is married is Naga Chaitanya, she is often quizzed about her personal life. In an interview, she said ”I’ve never had a rosy childhood. And for adults who haven’t had a rosy childhood, the one thing they would like do is, take care of their child as a priority when they have a family. And I will do the same thing”

Nayanthara on how to remain strong in life

Nayanthara - WomensDay

Nayanthara’s mantra in life is simple ”Never change for anyone. Some people may dislike you, some will like you. The key is to stay true to yourself.

Jyothika on encouraging other women

Jyothika - WomensDay

One may assume that a woman’s rival is another woman. However, Jyothika doesn’t see it this way. Her take on the issue is ”Women really get along well, not like the way they are perceived to be. I would love to work on a film with top female actors.”

Anushka Shetty’s advise to those joining the film industry

Anushka - WomensDay

Anushka Shetty’s experience in the film industry has helped her understand how things work. To all the newcomers in the industry, Anusha’s says ”The industry is a wonderful place, but it involves a lot of hard work. Smile and always work hard.

Which one of these quotes have inspired you? Let us know in the comments section below.

Raisa Nasreen

Raisa Nasreen loves everything about the world of entertainment. Being a film buff, She sheds most tears watching an emotional film and shudders at the thought of watching a horror film. Her hobbies include watching dubbed movies that evoke laughter. Apart from balancing her life on a fence, she is a content creator who loves to gorge on biryani.

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