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You will not believe that these films were rejected by Ajith

ajith kumar

Ajith is one of Tamil cinema’s most bankable stars. In 2019, he appeared in two films Viswasam and Nerkonda Paarvai, an usual victory of an A list actor. While he’s a regular on the Forbes highest earning celebrity list, he doesn’t appear in any ads nor does he appear in his film’s promotions. While he impresses fans with his performance, did you know that, Ajith rejected some of the biggest blockbusters of today? Here’s a look at some of them


When director Bala offered Ajith the film, the actor rejected the film, saying the script wasn’t fully developed. The film was then offered to Suriya. The film went on to give Suriya accolades.


After working with Ajith in Dheena, director A. R. Murgugadoss offered Ghajini to the actor. The film was titled Mirattal back then, and a photo shoot was also done. However, project collapsed due to unknown reasons. Soon after, the project was offered to 12 actors, all of whom rejected it. And the 13th actor to have been approached was Suriya. The film went on to become a blockbuster.

Kaakha Kaakha

Kaakha Kaakha is know for two things – Suriya-Jyothika’s romance and an unconventional police drama. Another thing it should be known for is that Ajith was offered this film first. However, after Jyothika’s recommendation to consider Suriya for the role, things took a turn. It is needless to say that it went on to be one of Suriya’s first biggest hit film.

Naan Kadavul

Arya gave a haunting portrayal of an Aghori in director Bala’s Naan Kadavul. However, can you imagine Ajith in the same role? Yes, Ajith was initially brought on board to play the title role. He went to prepare for his character for allocating 150 days in his schedule and even grew his hair. However, the film’s shoot kept delaying, which made Ajith move on to other commitments.


While Vikram played the iconic role of Saamy, the notorious and likeable cop, did you know that the film was also offered to Ajith? However, things didn’t go as planned and the film was offered to Vikram. It went on to become a money-spinner, even paving way for a sequel in 2018.

Which one of these films on the list truly surprised you? Tell us in the comments section below.

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