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Interview: All you need to know about A. R. Rahman’s concerts in India

C. K. Mohammed of Vonamor Media - A. R. Rahman

Every time there is an A. R. Rahman concert out of India, several fans in the nation express their disappointment as its a rarity for the Academy Award-winning composer to feature in concerts in his homeland. However, it looks like this won’t be the case anymore. A. R. Rahman and his team of talented musicians and singers recently performed at in Bangalore, as part of the ‘One Heart Tour‘. The tour has been promoted by Vonamor Media. In an exclusive interview with C. K. Mohammed, one of the directors of Vonamor Media spoke to DGZ Media about their association with A. R. Rahman and more.

1. How did Vonamor Media begin? How did you decide to associate with A. R. Rahman?

After working on several projects I decided to create a new brand. I wanted to do more in live entertainments. What bigger association it can be rather to start with Mr. Rahman.

2. Given that A. R. Rahman hardly performs in live concerts in India, Was it an easy or difficult process to get a legend like ARR to give a nod?

It is not an easy task to get a nod from Mr. Rahman for yet another concert series in India. I have been closely associated with his artist management AKR events who is my biggest support system for a long time. I had to develop the idea of #OneHeartTour along with the artist management and then everything happened. The #OneHeartTour was born. To give you a brief of #OneHeartTour – It is the continuation of 25-year celebrations of Mr. Rahman. In this One Heart Tour we will be going across demographics where Mr. Rahman hasn’t performed for a long time or he hasn’t performed at all. Giving every fan across the nation an A.R.Rahman concert experience!

3. How difficult is it to conduct an event on such a scale?

Very difficult! But, we as a team loved our work so much. Many thanks to MR B Live team who together put up the first show on such a large scale. It’s also one of the biggest & finest production for a live concert in India.

4. How has the response in Bangalore been?

Fantastic! Right from the day, we started our promotions the response has been overwhelming. Also, Mr. Rahman performing live after 7 years in Bengaluru got the magic done!

5. When do you plan on bringing it to ARR’s hometown, Chennai?

Ah! For this city, the artist management has to confirm. #OneHeartTour is for sure coming to Namma Chennai and it’s not that far.

6. What plans does the company have in the future?

We are working on conceptualizing music projects to promote live concerts from different regions across the world. Right now we are focusing only on #OneHeartTour with A.R.Rahman.

7. Please also list your position in the company.

I am the Director of the company. Along with me, I have two Directors Pradeep & Venkatesh, we together curate & execute the entire works of Vonamor Media

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