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Amit Bhargav and Shruti Ramachandran team up for Doll House Diaries

Amit Bhargav and Sruthi Ramachandran Interview

People may know actor Amit Bhargav as Vikram from the popular Television soap Nenjam Marappathillai, while one would recognize Shruti Ramachandran from Malayalam films such as Njaan and Pretham. Now, the two have collaborated for a web series titled Doll House Diaries. The series will explore the life of a man who psychologically harasses his wife, and how their relationship changes during the course of time. Speaking exclusively to DGZ Media, Amit said he conceived the idea based on real-life events. He said ” the concept is on a psychological disorder which has never been covered in films. We’ve seen Anniyan, which dealt with a disorder, but we haven’t seen a disorder where the person exists among us but exhibits narcissistic tendencies.”

He went on to say that he has been a victim of dealing with a narcissistic person, and it was a terrible experience. ” If this series enlighten at least one woman who is undergoing difficulty from her partner, my mission will be successful”. Shruti Ramachandran also shared an incident which affected her friend’s life. She said ” After my friend narrated what was going on in her life, we just couldn’t understand what was going on in her husband’s life. Soon after that Amit narrated the script of the show to me, and it was quite similar to the series of events which took place in my friend’s life”. Quiz Amit about a psychologists involvement on the show, he says he hasn’t consulted any but has done enough research.

Shruti also went on to speak about her upcoming film, Dear Comrade with Vijay Deverakonda in which she plays the role of a dancer. During the course of the interview, Amit and Shruti also went on to teach each other Tamil and Malayalam film dialogues. They also answered questions about their favorite mobile apps. You can watch the interviews right here!

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