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Ente Ummante Peru Review: Urvashi and Tovino steals the show in an ordinary story

Ente Ummante Peru Review

Known for his method acting and extremely choosy nature of films, ‘Ente Ummante Peru‘ witnesses Tovino‘s performance that goes very high. The movie is scripted and directed by the debutant, Jose Sebastian.

Hamid has become an orphan after the death of his father. Determined to find his mother, he embarks on a long journey. Although this theme isn’t entirely unfamiliar, the storyline progresses in a smooth way without arousing grumbling from the audience. Along with that, add some masala to make the stirring pot, little more tasty, such as the love interest, comic characters, there you go, everything falls into place. This movie should be as having the star space of Urvashi, who came back to Mollywood after a hiatus. The innocent, beloved mother who longs for the emotional bond of the progeny. Along with Tovino, other actors include, Hareesh Kanaran, Dileesh Pothan, Mamukoya and Shilpa.

The first half paces very slow, but the second half makes up for it due to its narration. The music has been well made and the simplicity of human emotions has been bought with small moments, that transpire, something we all have in our lives. This portrayal makes knocks down our fiery exteriors.

The credit definitely goes to the Director for making an age old theme seem new by representation and narrative techniques. The love between a mother and son, is indescribable. That’s the idea he’s trying to convey. Although the ending is obvious, we don’t feel the burden of exhaustive anticipation. We ease through that. That requires a lot of skill from the actors as well as the crew. It ends with a smile and a feeling of wholesomeness in our hearts.


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