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Joseph Review – A fresh break for Joju George

Joseph Movie Review

The poster itself was I don’t take your BS attitude seen in Old Western movies. Joju George starrer, Joseph speaks the story of a retired police officer. We are familiar with his roles in Action Hero Biju and Ramante Edan thottam and more recently, a prominent role in Njan Marykutty. He has proven that he is both capable of both comedic and villainous roles.

The first half begins with a character introduction. Slowly and steadily, the life of this solitary character is unveiled. He is shown to have a comfortable past, but the reason for his current predicament isn’t revealed. The director has used the camera effectively to understand minute nuances associated with Jospeh, who has a knack for murder mysteries. The deep baritone cop doesn’t flinch easily, as he is least bothered by the reactions of people around him. This isn’t a superstar movie. Attributes of the common man, has been wonderfully presented by the director, Padmakumar.

The cinematography has been out of the world. Instead of focussing on unnecessary action, it gives huge importance to secondary characters like Dileesh Pothan, Irshad and Sudhi Koppa. Although Malavika has a decent screen presence, the undertones of the movie is highly male centric. One is reminded of the raw testy movies which were the norm in the 80s. Joju has already become a trend in social media due to this rugged look. Climax, is decent and doesn’t invoke yawns from the audience.

The song Pand Padavaramabthiloode is very catchy and has Joju has himself sung, in this song which is visually very pleasing. Overall, the movie is watchable considering its thriller theme.


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