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Maari 2 Review: Dhanush strikes back as the quirky don

Maari 2 Movie Review

In 2015 director Balaji Mohan and Dhanush teamed up for Maari. Although the film didn’t boast of a gripping story, it worked partly due to Dhanush’s quirky style and the comedy. The duo are now back in 2018, with the sequel to the film. With a better story, bigger engagement value and the interesting quirky style the film manages to keep you entertained.

Maari 2, revolves around the revenge drama between Bheeja (Tovino Thomas) and who avenges to kill Maari (Dhanush) as the latter killed his brother. Their clash off which involves a lot of violence, forms the rest of the story.

Maari 2, stands better than its predecessor as it travels on a well-written screenplay Soon after Maari 2 introduces its characters, it quickly gives us the conflict in the film without wasting much time. It also manages to include Aanandhi’s fondness for Maari, including a bit humour and show us the regular ‘mass’ worthy moments that give Dhanush his whistle-worthy moments. What works well in the film is how Maari 2 gives importance to its female lead, Sai Pallavi. She plays a character who is loud, unapologetic and madly in admiration of Maari. And Sai Pallavi is so good at it. She is so vivacious that everytime she’s in the frame, it’s hard to notice anyone else.

However, the film falters in the second half of the film, when Maari begins to find his real identity. His ultimate face-off with Bheeja is long and the events which lead to it are confusing. The second-half of the film is also centered around Dhanush, in a way to flaunt his six-packs and heroism. He looks like he is enjoying himself as Maari, and his performance add a level of playfulness to the film. But when his character develops into his ‘Thangamagan’ avatar, it’s a tad bit disappointing. Supported by Robo Shankar and Kallori Vinoth, the comedy is mostly slapstick, and very entertaining. Tovino Thomas, shines as the ‘God of Death’. Despite the strong accent, he delivers a confident performance. He carried a distinct charm as the bad guy.

Maari 2, has nothing hard-hitting, it isn’t a film that is giving a ‘message’. It’s a light-hearted entertainer, promises some good moments, but it sometimes misses its consistency.

Raisa Nasreen

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