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It’s Mammootty’s show all the way in Parole

Parole Review Malayalam

Mammootty’s latest film, Parole has been creating the right kind of buzz among moviegoers. One reason for this may be because this film was touted to be content oriented one that would showcase a different side of Mammootty. Which means one can expect the film to showcase less ‘mass’ factor and stardom of the actor; and more of the actor’s excellent acting skills. And the film proves to be so.

The film has been directed by Sharrath Sandith, who has directed Mammootty in several ads over the last decade. Based on a real-life story, this film starts off by introducing Alex (Mammootty), who is a prisoner. Unlike other prisoners, Alex is one of the most loved inmates. One day, the prison is hit by the bad news that Alex’s parole application gets suspended. The rest of the film focuses on his backstory, how he ended in prison and what awaits him in the future.

he film is powered by Mammootty’s towering performance. His role as Alex, a man who surrenders to fate easily connects with the audience. His inmates are not the only ones who like him, the audience who are watching the film would surely like him as well. The scenes in which he is longing for his son moves us so much, that we begin rooting for him. He packs a punch in the solid action sequences and exhibits heroism in certain scenes. The story succeeds in implementing an emotional connect and maintaining a solid tone throughout the film. However, the story could have been crisp with solid writing.

Overall, one should watch it for the gripping interval scene, Mammootty’s superb performance and certainly if you are a fan of Mammootty.


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