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Yatra Review: Mammootty shines in this biopic!

Yatra Movie Review

It’s quite a challenge to make a biographical film on a revered leader. Director Mahi V Raghav skilfully directs a biography on late Andhra Pradesh chief minister YSR Reddy and it is brought to life by the legendary actor Mammootty in Yatra. Portraying crucial scenes of Y S Rajasekhar Reddy‘s padayatra, the film manages to win! It shows the terrific impact he created among people of Andhra Pradesh which led to his victory in the elections. Director Mahi V Raghav has displayed these inspirational scenes so well, that you feel like you are a part of it.

The reason why YSR is well remembered even today is because he understood the plight of his people. He went to peoples homes to see their situation. He found comfort in understanding their lives. In one scene, Mammootty has a meal at an old villages house, it is there that he realizes that the old don’t get pension in that region. Mammootty’s expression indicates that he sympathizes with the people, and yet displays a feeling where he has failed them. It’s a terrific scene! Yatra, as a film comprises of this and many more moments. It is a collection of incidents that made YSR a revered leader. The film shows YSR as the understanding and caring leader, so much so that other characters are portrayed as inefficient. Although we don’t see strong supporting characters who act as challenges to the lead, it looks like it was the film’s intent to show YSR’s image in the best and powerful light. It has a documentary-style filmmaking style to it, but It is safe to say that fans of YSR’ would enjoy it. The film’s meaningful and powerful lines are sincere and sharp. Which is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the film. The performances by Jagapathi Babu and Rao Ramesh are terrific.

Mammootty delivers effectively, and he brings a lot of weight to the role. The film doesn’t explore many angles to YSR’s life, despite it, Mammootty plays the role with utmost conviction. He gives a magnanimous depth to his role.

Overall, Yatra succeeds in showing the political life of YSR effectively. A crisper and interesting story would’ve made the film a lot better.


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