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Mikhael Review: The Guardian Angel keeps the promise

Mikhael - Nivin Pauly

The Gangster rivalry with slow-moving luxury cars and close-ups of suits and glasses is the trademark of director Haneef Adeni. The beefed-up Nivin Pauly has been successfully added to the Malayali meta-human strength segment. Mikhael, is in the same tone and genre of the ‘action flicks’ Great Father and Abrahaminte Sandhadikal. The titular hero falls under the label of the doctor turned revenge seeker for his family.

The narrative is told backward where all the deaths occur and the relating reasons are mentioned towards the end of the first half. Mikhael is a doctor, who is self-styled in his attitude towards family, possibly because of his guilt filled consciously. He is caught within the likes of people who don’t want ordinary men to meddle with their business at all. The story follows his actions to save his family at all costs. The police, as Suraj quips, is in the side of justice other than the law.

The animation intro, establishing the prowess of the Archangel Micheal fighting and destroying evil gives the idea of what to expect in the movie. Although it appears lazy, it sure is a commendable effort from Haneef Adeni and co. The idea of adding an introduction is indeed an innovative thought. The plot doesn’t offer many complications and the actors aren’t caught in a difficult situation.

What seems awkward is the mawkish sentimentality that props off contrasting the action scenes. The bond, whether it is family or otherwise, doesn’t convince of its authenticity. But the versatility in Siddique’s fluctuating emotions, as the very brutal George Peter, should be highly praised. The background music is well suited to the fast-paced movie, doesn’t try to drag down the audience. The problem with crime genres is that it becomes too centered on the titular guy and the supporting characters are just dots that help in achieving his destiny. Manijma Mohan, Sudev Nair, and Babu Antony go unutilized. Kalabhavan Shajon, KPAC Lalitha, JD Chakravarthy, come in supporting roles. Someone especially like Sudev Nair, who has won Kerala State Academy Award for best actor.

The problems with the lack of emotional outlets are synonymous with the logic in Mikhael. The movie bounces of ideas and ideas without judging the consequences. The second half, as the audience expects, sets the stage for the fight between Nivin Pauly and Unni Mukundan and sure as won’t be disappointed and that is the most exciting trump card Mikhael has to offer. There is the final closure to Mikhael, where there is a ‘medical’ twist. Surely, this is a big break for Nivin from his chocolate hero roles. Overall, Mikhael doesn’t disappoint, although it has its share of over the top ideas.


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