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Drama Review: Erstwhile Mohanlal in a humorous setting

Drama Movie Review

Drama, which shows the team up between Mohanlal and Ranjith, stands out because a solid script and convincing performances. It takes on the serious issue of death, how people view it after you’re dead, how the squabble ensues and the hard choices people have to make. The movie is a comedy to the core and doesn’t fail to make the audience laugh. Drama is a drama that keeps the viewer glued and understand what humour does to a serious situation.

The death of a Mollykutty in London after visiting her grandchildren, suddenly turns everything into chaos. So instead of sending the body home, the body is to be cremated in London. So the family approach a Funeral Director, Rajagopal, to conduct the cremation. The movie then progresses to what happens hence. It is a good movie in the sense that it has utilized the acting skills of Mohanlal, which has stuck on the Malayalam consciousness in the 90s, much unlike the heroism in the screen nowadays. The first half of the movie is really entertaining, but doesn’t catch on through the second part. It is interesting as it boasts a high assemblage of cast, including Dileesh Pothen, Siddiq, Johny Antony, Asha Sharath, Kaniha and Shyamaprasad. Most of the movie is shot in London and the whole business of a funeral company is a new experience to the Malayali Audience.

The marketing, one has to say, been done right. The promotional song, which showed the making of the movie, ‘ Pandaraand’ sung by Mohanlal was particularly catchy. The overall background scores goes in tune with the movie and it is safe to say that music director Vinu Thomas has done a commendable job. As the director itself remarked, the audience should approach it with a casual mind, as it is only watchable one time. But it still sticks out as above average. A good laugh, a little thinking and a social message. Drama doesn’t disappoint.


I'm Abhijith, the guy behind the film review you just read. As they say, Movies maketh the man. Reviews aren't meant to butcher a work of art, but rather to see it in a microscope. I'm a freelance writer and been in this field for more than 5 years. When I'm not reviewing, you can spot me reading my Kindle while drinking tea in the nearest kiosk. An aspiring polyglot and ardent comic reader, I call myself an amateur litterateur.

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