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My Story Review: As predictable as it gets. My Story is an often told story

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The protagonist of My Story is Jay, who has become a superstar in the industry due to his immence success in the films he has acted over in 20 years. For a man who has not tasted the bitterness of failure, he is occupied by an incident that happened during the beginning of his career with an actress named Tara. The movie is a trip, in his search for the person who had a big impact on his life.
The debutant Roshni Dinakar combined the script of Shankar Ramakrishnan who had penned blockbusters like Urumi, was a compelling reason to go for My Story.

But alas, you can’t always get what you want. The film explores the idea of chemistry between actors and actresses and Tara is the perfect counterpart for the budding actor Jay. His good times starts to roll, because of her. When they spend a day together, their bond, it goes from acquaintance to inseparable and is the crux of the plot.

The movie was popularized in the tag of a love story, but we rarely see the element of Love. It undermines itself to just a fun ride, and there’s no evident scenes to show that they love each other. This predictable predicament doesn’t get any better. More than My story, the title should have been ‘Days in Portugal’. The supporting characters doesn’t improve anything either.

Malayalam movie industry is currently going through an experimental phase. In the middle of that ordinary films such as this, fails to grab any worthwhile attention. They could have made it in a better way, but the problem was that the theme isn’t new. Reminiscing about the past and a quest to relive it, we have seen a lot of that. The skipping between the Present and the Past, was recognizable by Prithviraj’s beard.

Even before the second half, the story seems clear. The so called twists gives no surprise and the long drawn out narrative doesn’t convince the viewer.

Prithviraj and Parvathy has seemingly justified their roles, but they too are a bit awkward at times. What seems to be the enygma is the reason they were prompted to select the script.Music is the only thing that makes one feel better in all this mess. Especially, the song in the shooting location. It was well choreographed and gave us some positive vibe, the whole story seems to lack. Portugal is well explored, but that should not be the focus.
Now what happens when you try to sell old wine in a new bottle and the bottle breaks all of a sudden? Something much hyped, was only able to provide long sighs in the already emptying seats. My Story was disappointing.

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