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Njan Prakashan Review: Capturing the Universal Malayalee Spirit

Njan Prakashan Movie Review

The combo of Sreenivasan and Satyan Anthikad unites after more than a decade as scriptwriter and director to give Mollywood, ‘Njan Prakashan‘. The last noticeable hit of Satyan was ‘Oru Indian Pranyakadha, which starred Fahadh as a young politician trying to find his way in the social ladder. The director has a way of capturing the collective Keralite spirit, which is relatable to all kinds of audiences. The trailer of ‘Njan Prakashan’ also became a sensation due to its portrayal of a typical Malayalee in a wedding.

Shakespeare asked us ‘What’s in a name ?’ This seems to be the primary concern of our hero, who changes his name from Prakashan, to P.R Akash. The guy is so typical that his career aspirations are even the same as most of us. Lazy, yet ambitious. Prakshan has finished a course in Nursing and aims to work abroad. But he doesn’t have what it takes and consequently, takes shortcuts. Along with this simple story, the formulaic recipes of Anthikad, laughter, love and the society, the inherent crookedness in all of us, has made this movie very entertaining. In fact, it can be said that it was Prakshan, not Fahad acting. The script was solid enough that all the characters fit well into the story. Fahad has added some techniques of his own, to improvise the character and it comes off very well.

The heroines Anju Kurien and Nikhila Varma dons major roles, which are decent performances accompanied by Devika Sanjay, Sreenivasan Aneesh Menon and KPSC Lalitha. But all credits go to Fahad who stole, the show with his towering perfomance. The movie doesn’t hold strong without him. The camera and the cinematography also focusses on the expressions of people, subtly capturing everything that comes in our face without our knowledge.

The lyrics of Harinaryanan and the music of Shan Rahman has given us compositions that doesn’t disappoint. The songs ‘Omal Thamara’ and ‘Aatmavin’ doesn’t stand out as spectacular, but comes at an appropriate time and is of a typical Sathyan Anthikad vibe. The movie is definitely a Christmas treat for all the family audiences across kerala.


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