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Oru Kuprasidha Payyan: Vivid Sketch of Social Reality

Oru Kuprasidha Payyan Movie Review

The movie focusses on being a thriller, but the thrilling element does not add up as expected. Tovino stands out due to his powerful performance, but the breezy dialogues and weak screenplay adds fuel to the fire. The movie is exciting through the first half but becomes predictable throughout in the second. Overall, one is forced to say, the movie could have been better.

Oru Kuprasidha Payyan is directed by Madhupal who has astonished us with his own stories like Ozhimuri and Thalapaavu. What the movie put forwards is that the issue of believability. We see so many issues through social media, but often we are moved away from what is true. It is the idea that one can’t believe what one see. It questions the idea of justice and who qualifies to be a criminal even though there’s no evidence. What happens here is a man who is subjected to suspicion and the consequence of how the society views him. Ajayan, an orphan, is someone who detest human conversation and has a huge complex. He lives a simple life as a worker in a restaurant. He is taken care of by Chembakamal, portrayed by the erstwhile actress Sharanya, who is almost like a mother to him. The unprecedented murder of this lady moves the story forward.

The second half focusses more on the methods adopted by police to close the case rather than solve the crime. We come across the prejudices in institutions towards Dalit and Muslim communities and how much the system stays corrupted. Instead of finding the criminal, they are focussing to put blame on someone innocent. The roles by Anu Sithara, Dileesh Pothan and Nedumudi Venu was appreciable, even though it was Tovino who made a difference. Although the movie won’t be in many must watch list, it is a work of art that Tovino can be proud of. It seems to give a message that the state and system that is supposed to be the protector can always turn against us, without provocation.

The songs did not have much importance as it was irrelevant to the story and the much hyped bull fight scene was also mediocre. But Madhupal deserves much accolades for putting out a bold theme, which is a reality in our society. The predictable climax along with a rushed plot did not do justice to the star cast. Jeevan Job Thomas’s story also deserves appraisal as it is socially relevant.


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