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Pattas Review: Dhanush and Sneha shine in this predictable film

Pattas Review - Dhanush

Certain Tamil Films of the 90s employed a few troops that defined the story. First, it told the tale of father-son duo, second a revenge story, which sees the lead triumphs. Although, predictable, the film’s interesting plot line, drama, kept the audience hooked. Director Senthil and Dhanush’s latest film Pattas, channels the vibe. The result is a fresh story, predictable yet entertaining film that lands a solid kick.

The film tells the tale of Pattas (Dhanush), a petty thief who accidentally meets his biological mother (Sneha), and discovers that his family is skilled at Adimurai, Tamil traditional art of vital forms. His past helps him find the man, Nallaparai (Naveen Chandra) who destroyed his family.

At a few scenes into the film seems like it’s a usual plot that features a bubbly girl-meets-aimless hero. Not only is the inclusion of Sandhya (Mehreen) a miscast because of her non-Tamil girl looks but her character has very little to do.

The film first seems like a cross between 7 am Arivu and Maan Karate, later translates to a more believable plot. The scenes featuring Dhanush and his friend add some good laughs, and it’s a relief to see dialogues that aren’t derogatory or promoting male chauvinism.

What director Senthil manages to do is maintain the suspense of the film with a twist that keeps you hooked. He did that with his political thriller, Kodi and he’s done the same here too. This gives us the impression that he knows his craft! However, the film often falters because the predictability which is most-used sports based films and also seems like a film with a endless climax. It’s also quite perplexing to know that the hero wins effortlessly without any training, the focus was less on him fighting and more on him winning. Which doesn’t help us root for him. Overall, the film lacks a bit of attention to details and seems like it’s taken in a short duration.

It’s also quite a delight to see Sneha in a solid, action role! When was the last time you saw a woman whose battling against men with the fist punches and hard kicks!

Dhanush’s performance looks like a cake-walk for him, and he’s especially good as Perumal, in the flashback scenes where he looks regal in his traditional attired and fights with ease. Naveen Chandra packs a punch with his role as the antagonist. Good thing the makers didn’t get a Hindi speaking villain and dub Tamil lines.

Pattas is for those who want to see Dhanush in a light and fun role that has the mass and the action!

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