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Pretham 2 Review: Spooky atmosphere in a mildly interesting story

Pretham 2 Review

Yet another haunted movie at Varikasheri Manna. Pretham 2 has come to the theatres, solely relying on the character of John Don Bosco. This time, replacing the quirky friends of the first installment, here it is an uncoordinated bunch of youngsters, who seem to have no idea of what’s going on.

The story narration, rather than the plot, is more innovative. The haunting, is the same story that speak of betrayal in a contemporary society. The character of Jayasurya is very engaging, broody and fear inspiring, but the rest of the characters do not share the same dispossession and appear overly comic in a haunted movie. The atmosphere created is similar to that of Manichitrathazhu where there’s no ghost/soul in reality. Jayaraj Warrier comes as the curator of the big Namboothiri mansion and doesn’t go in sync with other characters who are freaked out by almost every kind of noise. Saniya Iyappan, Sidharth Shiva and Durga Krishna are the other major actors appearing in the movie.

Renjith Shankar movies doesn’t tred much towards the experimental path, and the predictability of the climax makes the audience go ‘meh’ towards the end. Horror is a genre, that is still unexplored in Kerala and the explaining the supernatural, through the eyes of a ‘Mentalist’, was something welcomed in the prequel. Strange noises, windy interiors and a modern spirit, keeps the audience in the mood of a thriller.


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