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Ranam Review: Slow paced, but a decent watch

Ranam Movie Review

Nirmal Sahdev might be a debutant as a director in Ranam, but he isn’t entirely unfamiliar with the Malayalam industry. He, along with George Kannat, penned the story of Hey Jude, which unfortunately, didn’t see the box office light. The moving story along with the directorial skill of Shyamaprasad was very evident.

This time, as a director, he has made the movie crisp and easy to digest. Registering on an emotional scale, is the key to understand the plot. Those expecting to see a full blown action movie will surely be disappointed. The director has thrown focussed on the relation between the characters as if in a spider web, surrounding Prithviraj. It is the story of a young man, who’s coming into terms with life in the American city of Detroit. The film can be put in the genre of a slow paced Crime Drama. It talks of a stagnating existence which comes off as different layers. The film also explores the dangerous boundaries of what defines black and white and showcases a bunch of characters who are in their own dirty quest to achieve their own convoluted version of ‘American Dream’.

The character of Prithviraj did not offer anything new, but Rehman showed some incredible skills of method acting. He could have given a bit more screen time. The characters of Nandhu and the newcomer Celine Joseph showed a much more depth than the main ones. The songs in the second half were disappointing and out of sync with the overall tone of the movie. But, the cinematography and editing has been done with pure class, unlike seen in malayalam movies. It gives off the vibe of a documentary, rather than the one expected by the audience, who was expecting something like ‘John Wick’.

Overall, Ranam doesn’t live up to the fan expectations, but shows a gang rivalry, in a outsider view. The trailer and the movie give off different vibes and has explores the life of a diasporic keralite in a hostile environment.


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