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NGK Review: Suriya shines in this political drama

Suriya NGK Movie Review

Films based on politics aren’t new to Tamil cinema. In the recent past we’ve seen films such as LKG and NOTA. This week’s release NGK too falls under the political film category. Directed by Selvaraghavan, the film marks his collaboration with Suriya for the first time. While the film starts off on an interesting note, it becomes incoherent and dull as it proceeds. The punch the film should possess is missing. Usually, in a political drama, what interests us in the lead characters tricks to come to the top. However, the film doesn’t explain it.

Like most political films, it starts off when the lead Kumaran (Suriya) decides to do good for the society by advocating holistic was of doing agriculture. His plans go downhill when he is threatened by local goons. In order for them to stop, he makes a deal with a local MLA by joining in his political party. The rest of the story revolves around his skill to hold political power and position.

We aren’t able to root for the lead character, since we see only his ambition in front of leaders. There should have been scenes where he invests in strategic planning. Simply manipulating in front of other political leaders didn’t quiet help in the identity of the character. In addition to it, Rakul Preet and Sai Pallavi’s character is not well written. The story is to be blamed. The unnecessary song makes it seem totally unrelated to the film. Directed Selvaraghavan could have make the film tighter and crisper.

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s background score works perfectly for the film’s tone. Suriya’s performance in the transformational scenes, his growth from a simple guy to that of a manipulative guy is truly terrific. It would rank as one of his best roles.

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