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Theevandi Review: Whistles high as Tovino Entertains

Theevandi Malayalam Movie Review

Theevandi is directed by the debutant Felini TP, coming under the banner of August Cinemas. The movie is about Bineesh, played by Tovino. He is nicknamed Theevandi due to his chain-smoking habit.

The story begins with vivid descriptions of Binish’s birth, family and friends. Bineesh begins an affair with the Devi, the daughter of Madhu, played by Suraj, a prominent party worker. His smoking habit causes headache for everybody and despite the collective effort of many, he is unable to give up this killer habit and the end result is not too pleasing for him. His habit is then made into an issue, which has impacts in personal and public life of the young man. The story further develops from this basic premise.

Tovino Thomas and Samyuktha Menon stands out with their convincing perfomance. The story penned by Vini Vishal, deserves a huge applause for its variety. Although the first half moves in a normal pace, the second half gains importance though definite buildup. The characters are portrayed in a very relatable way, as is the trend. Tovino, has nailed the role. Suraj, Surabhi Lakshmi, Rajesh Sharma, Shaiju Kurup and Shammi Thilakan makes Theevandi an enjoyable experience. There are a lot of newcomers who also made their debut very striking.

A very healthy mix of Politics, love, and comedy makes Theevandi an entertaining watch. The director has taken care to focus on Tovino, the Theevandi, as the whole plot revolves around him. Music has given an equal treatment with that of the story. Kailas Menon who handled the department, made the songs and background score, a treat to the ear.

The first half could be a bit restructured and that would have made the movie into another level. But it is something that you forget in due course of watching. Theevandi surely, be ready to go reason in the theatres after the devastating floods that rocked Kerala.


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