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KGF review: Yash stars in gripping action-packed drama!

Yash - KGF Movie Review

Half way through KGF, the film takes on an adventure like no other. Along with Rocky (Yash) you find yourself watching sepia-toned visuals. The atmosphere is a place where ruthless men rule over the powerless – in a gold field where there are mountains of black sand everywhere. It’s a place where the girl baby is killed, it’s a place where the old are hunted and chased to be killed. It’s hell on earth! It’s difficult to watch the gore, the inhumanity that surrounds KGF. Having said that, These visuals mark the most solid scenes, that make the movie watching experience worth your attention.

Directed by Prashanth Neel, KGF is a tale about a powerful don, or the film says a powerful ‘monster’ who is on a mission to kill the man behind the horrid KGF.

KGF starts off as a film that establishes the biggest dons who run Mumbai and Bangalore. However, the film doesn’t produce anything gripping in the first half. The film takes pace in the second half where most of fireworks begin. Every action scene is terrific, and you begin to keep a close eye of Rocky’s every move.

KGF is also a film where Rocky (Yash) has hardly any dialogues. He speaks for about a maximum of 30 minutes in the film. Every other detail about him is explained through visuals of how his mother motivated him in his childhood. However, the majority is spoken about Rocky by either his rivals or the powerful. The hype around him is so much that it puts him on a pedestal that defines heroism. As the film proceeds, you begin to realise that all this praise about Rocky matched his brainy and brawny personality. He flexes his muscles by beating up a gang at the gold field, he also meticulously plans how to do so. It’s events that build up to it are clever and brilliantly shot! The biggest take away from the film was the climax portion that keeps you at the edge of your seat! It’s one of best climax portions I’ve seen in a long time.

The film fails to keep one engaged when it begins to show too many characters. As a result it leads to a lot of confusion for the viewer. The cinematography is top notch, however the visuals move at such a swift pace that we get to see bits and pieces of several scenes merged into one. It’s hard to keep track as it begins to hurt the eye.

Yash delivers his performance with utmost conviction. It’s hard to do so much in a film that is so dark that it puts your mood down, however, Yash displays a macho and massive screen presence that’s hard to miss.

If the first part is this interesting, then I can’t wait for the second part to unfold. Hopefully, it will be smarter, tighter and give the much-needed details about Rocky’s climb to becoming a don.

Raisa Nasreen

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