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Takkar Tamil Trailer Starring Siddharth

Takkar Tamil Trailer - Siddharth, Yogi Babu

the official trailer of “Takkar” (Tamil). Written and directed by Karthik G Krish, and produced by Sudhan Sundaram and G. Jayaram of Passion Studios, this film promises a thrilling ride. Starring Siddharth, Yogi Babu, Divyansha, Abimanyu Singh, Munishkanth, and RJ Vigneshkanth, “Takkar” boasts a talented ensemble cast. With music composed by Nivas K Prasanna and cinematography by Vanchinathan Murugesan, the film immerses you in its captivating visuals. GA Gowtham’s editing adds to the film’s fast-paced and gripping narrative, while Udaya Kumar K’s art direction creates a vibrant and authentic world. Dinesh Kasi’s stunts bring high-octane action sequences to life, and the creative team at 24AM ensures eye-catching publicity designs. With the support of PROs Suresh Chandra and Rekha D’one, and trailer cut by Pradeep E Ragav, “Takkar” is set to leave audiences on the edge of their seats.


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