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Actor Samuel Abiola Robinson slams the makers of ‘Sudani from Nigeria’

Nigerian actor Samuel Abiola Robinson

A Nigerian actor who played a pivotal role in the film, Sudani from Nigeria has accused its makers of paying less and also raised allegations that they racially discriminated him. Samuel Abiola Robinson took to Facebook to share his experience of working for the film. In his post he mentioned that ‘Indian actors who are not half as popular, experienced or accomplished’ were paid more than him.

Samuel wrote, “I’m saying this now because i cannot sit back and allow it happen to another helpless young black actor. I believe that i was a victim of racial discrimination while in Kerala. It was nothing violent or directly in my face but for my role in Sudani from Nigeria, the producers offered me far less money than Indian actors who are not half as popular or accomplished as i am would normally earn. I only became better enlightened after meeting with several young actors and discussing payment with them. I am of the opinion that this happened purely because of my skin color and the assumption that all africans are poor and don’t know the value of money (sic).”

The final allegation he stated was through a video he posted on his Instagram account in which he revealed that newcomers in Malayalam films are paid between Rs 10 and 20 lakhs, however he was paid “much, much less” than five lakhs. He didn’t reveal the exact amount he was paid.

However, he didn’t raise any negative allegation against the director. He went to state that the director, Mohammed, couldn’t do much as he wasn’t financing the film.

Robinson’s Facebook post drew attention and many raised eyebrows. His post throws light on how foreign actors are paid and treated while working for an Indian film.

Directed by Zakariya Mohammed, the Malayalam film featured Robinson playing the role football player. Made on a small budget, the film received praise from audience and critics alike. The film also featured Soubin Shahir playing the role of Samuel’s manager.

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