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Ananya Sengupta marks milestones in the Industry with International Recognition

Ananya Sengupta - Port Blair International Film Festival

Ananya Sengupta has a knack for always wooing the audience with her acting expertise. That does not come as a surprise since she has delivered phenomenal performances that are impossible to be forgotten by the audiences. She was highly celebrated for her acting prowess in the Hindi Movie ‘The Final Exit’ which was released in 2017 and ‘Ghost’ which was in the theatres in 2019, both of them were critically acclaimed and loved by the viewers. But this time, she presented a testament to her talent by winning two prominent international awards one after the other. Ananya bagged the ‘Best Actress’ award at Port Blair International Film Festival for her convincing performance in the thought-provoking short film, “Silver Gandhi” which was directed by an award-winning director Dr. Avinash Nanda, that had made a record with 26 prestigious National & International Awards.

Ananya also received the prestigious Sparrow Film Festival’s ‘Best Supporting Actress’ award for her impressive role in the festival short film ‘Enigma’. Enigma was loved by the jury and the audience alike for its unique, out-of-the-box concept, directed by Abhay Thakur.

Gradually and consistently, she is making a mark on the film industry by playing impressive and extraordinary roles that woo the audience. Such prowess comes with sheer hard work and constant polishing of skills. Winning accolades at an international platform is indeed an accomplishment for the actors. It is the best way to gain credibility as performers and acquire appreciation as well as criticism about their work. And with that, actors can constantly work on better performances. Such a promising and versatile talent is the need of the hour in the film industry. With the rise of OTT Platforms, the audience craves to see actors with resourceful and gifted acting abilities and appreciate the ones that deliver a promising performance. Ananya Sengupta is doing just that – doing her best to provide an all-round performance that leaves an impact on the audience.


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