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Anita Udeep, the director of 90ML reacts to reviews of the movie

90ML - Oviya - Anita Udeep

Since the release of the teaser, 90ml hasn’t left the top trending list. The movie released today to exciting cheers of Oviya army in the early morning first-day shows. Oviya even visited the theater to see her fans. One thing is clear whether you like her or not you can never ignore her. Oviya has even managed to capture the 5 am shows exclusive only to some top heroes. Hopefully, this continues even for other female-starrer movies.

The director of 90 ML “culture-shock”(as said by netizens) movie is Anita Udeep. Her previous directorial ventures include “knock knock I’m looking for Mary”, “Gulliver’s travel” and “Kulir 100 degree” but it is 90ml which has thrown the limelight on her. She seems to be an open-minded, fearless personality and doesn’t shy away from controversial topics. Though her movie is receiving mixed responses for its adult content, she seems to be pretty content with the audience response. She was also present in theatre for the morning First day First shows. Anita Updeep belongs to the family who owns Mayajaal. The CEO of Mayajaal is, Udeep Bogollu Reddy.

After the morning 5am show reviews and reactions started pouring in social media for 90ml. The critics call it a fun, entertaining film lacking much substance. The audience agrees too but there is a section of “responsible kudimagans” who seem to be deeply disturbed by the content. These people identify themselves as “culture-savers” and yes they are the same people who cheer when a “Male-star” lights up a cigarette. One can only wonder “Why such double-standards ?” Take a chill pill people, it’s just a movie


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