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Despite no announcement the teaser of Mohanlal’s Odiyan trends


In today’s age of social media, celebrities often take to their personal accounts to announce the release of their next project or release teaser/trailer of their film. Once the announcement is made, the teaser trends. However, if there is one star whose film news trends without any prior announcement it is megastar Mohanlal. We are talking about the release of Odiyan teaser. Touted to be Mohanlal’s most ambitious project, the teaser of the film was released by Mohanlal on his social media last night. Prior to it, Mohanlal tweeted ”We bring to you the Magic, The Deception, the Illusion and the tricks and the trickery. #OdiyanTeaser coming soon”. What fans didn’t expect was that ‘coming soon’ meant ‘right now’.

The visual of the teaser only gives us a glimpse of a man who is walking towards a semi-deserted path. The man in question is unarguably Mohanlal, however, his identity isn’t revealed as he is completely covered in a thick blanket, with his back facing the camera. After which the names of the lead actor’s and the director roll in. The background score is the striking element of the teaser. Composed by Sam C. S. it induces an intense and thrilling tone to the teaser.

Apart from Mohanlal, Odiyan also features Manju Warrier, Prakash Raj, Siddique, Innocent, Narain, Nandu, Sreejaya. The film is expected to release later this year.

Raisa Nasreen

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