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Dubbing artists union demand Rs 1.5 lakh from Chinmayi


South India Cine, Television Artistes and Dubbing Artistes Union is showing no signs of being on Chinmayi‘s side. The union has apparently demanded a sum of Rs 1.5 lakh and an apology letter from singer and dubbing artist Chinmayi, after which she will be ‘allowed’ to work. She took to Twitter to state how the union has made lakhs from her work, and that they are now demanding her to pay. She tweeted “Apparently I have to pay 1.5 Lakhs, send an apology letter and THEN the dubbing Union will reinstate me and let me work in Tamilnadu in Tamil films. The Union has made lakhs from my Income since 2006. And I have to pay 1.5 lakhs again for my right to work,”.

She also said ”“With all due respect very big actors and directors are ‘Lifetime Members’ of the Dubbing Union after dubbing perhaps one film or two on a friendly basis. I have been working since 2006 and I have to become a ‘New Member’ :)”. She went on to question the union’s new rule applied only to her.She posted ”And I wonder why exactly I m being forced to *apologise* to the Dubbing Union and to Mr Radha Ravi? The Dubbing Union By Law says 2,500/- is the fee to become a new member. What is this random 1.5 Lakh fee + apology?”

Women of the union also spoke against Chinmayi in the press conference. One woman said “if you complain of sexual harassment, quit the industry and go work as a housemaid (in precisely 10 houses)”

We salute Chinmayi for standing up against them. But why do you think Kollywood is silent on the issue? Tell us your views.


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