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Siddharth schools Padma Shri awardee Javed Akhtar on Sarvam ThaalaMayam


When we are already done with some Delhi and Mumbai based new channels pronouncing “Tamil Nadu” as “Tamil Nad”(I mean how difficult it is to pronounce the “U”), here comes an unintended sabotage of Tamil and it is a little funny this time. Ace Hindi poet and Padma Shri awardee Javed Akhtar while tweeting on the new Tamil musical drama “Sarvam thala mayam” got autocorrected to “Sarvam thalamus maryam”. It started a fun thread of discussion amongst the tweeps

He tweeted another time to correct himself and still couldn’t get the title right..!! (After all aren’t we living in the stone age with no access to information?!!!) It was our beloved Siddharth who took it upon himself to school the poet.

Check out his tweet:

Javed Akhtar followed it up with an apology tweet and is now practicing to get the title right.

Anyway it all ended in a sportive way

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