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One thing different about the Hindi trailer of Vishwaroopam 2

vishwaroopam 2 trailer hindi

The trailer of Kamal Haasan‘s much-awaited film Vishwaroopam 2 was released recently and it received an overwhelming response from fans all over the world. So much, so that the trailer released in Tamil has clocked over 3 million views, while the Telugu and Hindi trailers have got over 1 million views on YouTube. It has to be noted that Bollywood actor Aamir Khan released the Hindi trailer of the film, while Jr. NTR released the Telugu one. The Tamil version was released by Kamal Haasan’s daughter Shruti Haasan.

Apart from the number of views, there is something else that separates the Hindi trailer of Vishwaroopam 2 from the rest. If you’ve watched all the three trailers then you would know that there is only one prominent line in the film.

In the Hindi trailer (at 0.15 seconds) Kamal Haasan says ”Dekhiye, Musalman hona guna nahi hai, lekin aap jaisa insa hona haraam hai”. This translates to ”It’s not wrong being a Muslim, being a man like you is blasphemous”.

In the Tamil and Telugu trailers, this line isn’t included. In the Telugu and Tamil trailers, Kamal Haasan says (translated) ”It’s not wrong to belong to any religion, it’s wrong to commit a treason and be a traitor”

Looks like these changes have been made to suit the context of the scene and the language. However, it would be interesting to know why once we watch the film in theatres on August 10th.

Going by the positive pre-release buzz, it looks like the audiences are waiting with baited breath for the release of the film. Vishwaroopam 2 is the sequel to Vishwaroopam which released in the year 2013 and went on to make over 200 crores at the box-office.

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments section below.

Raisa Nasreen

Raisa Nasreen loves everything about the world of entertainment. Being a film buff, She sheds most tears watching an emotional film and shudders at the thought of watching a horror film. Her hobbies include watching dubbed movies that evoke laughter. Apart from balancing her life on a fence, she is a content creator who loves to gorge on biryani.

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