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Producer Dhananjayan slams 90ML’s take on homosexuality

Dhananjayan - 90ML

Producer Dhananjayan has voiced his disapproval after the release of the film 90ML. According to him, the film doesn’t give the right morals. He also claimed that it is too vulgar and has too many inappropriate sexual messages. He says ”Don’t glorify homosexuality. The law is allowing you to be a homosexual. It can be handled with sensitivity in films”. He further went on to slam the scene depicting lesbians in the film 90ML. He said ”Are you taking a moral stand on lesbian relationships? are you taking classes?”

A few days ago Dhananjayan and the director of 90Ml Anita Udeep got into a heated Twitter exchange. While Dhananjayan Tweeted about how the film insensitive, Anita replied “I am mature enough to understand people giving low ratings and criticizing my film’s story or screenplay. But I will react when someone targets me personally. A reviewer said that I made the movie in an inebriated condition. How can someone call that a review? I’m sure more such films will come in the near future. I’m not hurt by any negative comments on the film. In fact, I was so happy to see comments supporting the film by several men — that was way ahead of my expectation.”

What are your thoughts on this?

Raisa Nasreen

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