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Simbu gets candid; says he feels defeated after supporting Tamil Nadu


Earlier last week, actor Simbu became a star in Karnataka by helping divert the ongoing Cauvery issue in a positive light. At a press conference, he urged the people of Karnataka to offer a glass of water to a Tamilian these see. Simbu was mocked for his views by a section of the media. However, the results of his requests began to trend on social media with the hashtag unite for humanity. A politician even went on to say that Simbu is far more matured than Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan.

This week, the actor sat down for an interview with television news presenter and chief news editor of Thanti Tv Rangaraj Pandey and spoke about his stance on politics. In his interview, he said that he didn’t belong to Rajinikanth or Kamal Haasan’s political party, and he has the right to comment on politics free of political agenda. He also said that his plea to help spread peace in the Cauvery issue gained him negative attention from Tamil Nadu, however, he felt blessed to have received love from Karnataka. He also considered the lack of positivity from Tamilians about his views, as a defeat as he failed to win their hearts.

He signed off in an emotional tone saying, ”Even if the people of Tamil Nadu give up on me, I will never ever give up on them”.

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Raisa Nasreen

Raisa Nasreen loves everything about the world of entertainment. Being a film buff, She sheds most tears watching an emotional film and shudders at the thought of watching a horror film. Her hobbies include watching dubbed movies that evoke laughter. Apart from balancing her life on a fence, she is a content creator who loves to gorge on biryani.

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