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Twitter reacts to the reshoot of Arjun Reddy’s Tamil Remake Varmaa


Arjun Reddy is the 2017 cult classic that took over entire South India by storm. The story might’ve had the cliched “Devdas” arc, but the treatment, the work of the cast and crew was so original and the movie hit everyone in their guts.  When announcements came that “Arjun Reddy” will be remade in Tamil as “Varmaa”, the Tamil audience was skeptical but in Bala, we trusted because he is known for his raw, gritty portrayal of stories. This might’ve been his cup of tea but it’s when the teaser released we understood the remake doesn’t match up even a little to its original version. The social media trolled it as the “spoof” version of Arjun Reddy and honestly, the teaser really was in that spectrum. The Tamil audience were hugely disappointed because Arjun Reddy is probably more loved here than in Andhra and we couldn’t bear to watch a lackluster version of it.

Yesterday it was announced that the movie will not be released as the production house isn’t satisfied with the final product. With the exception of Dhruv, the entire cast and crew will be getting replaced. Even though it’s sad that the time, money and work spent would go waste, people are relieved they wouldn’t have to put up with a less satisfying version of the cult classic.

The reaction of Tweeps to this announcement:

There are so many young directors who have been proving themselves off late. There is no dearth for a good script. It will be great for Dhruv if the production house goes for a fresh script.

Author – Deepeka R


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