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National-award winning lyricist Vairamuthu accused of sexual misconduct

Chinmayi and Vairamuthu

Over the past few days, Twitter has become a platform for the MeToo moment where women are sharing stories of sexual misconduct and assaults, to expose the truth about their male friends, coworkers, and men in power. Now, the latest name to make it to the list is National award-winning lyricist Vairamuthu.

In a message to journalist Sandhya Menon, the woman (who didn’t want to be named), stated about the terrible encounter she had with Vairamuthu. She said that in the pretext of explaining the lyrics, Vairamuthu hugged and kissed her. She went on to say that he often silences victims because of his political connections.

Later, in a brave move, popular singer Chinmayi went on to retweet it. Despite singing songs penned by the lyricist, the singer didn’t hesitate to share details about Vairamuthu. She further went on to add a few screenshots sent by her friend, a journalist. In the message, the journalist said that he almost kissed her when she was at his residence. The journalist later went on to warn her other journalist friends.

Chinmayi went on to share another message regarding Vairamuthu’s misconduct.

We respect all those courageous women who continue to tell their experiences. More strength to you!

Raisa Nasreen

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